Interesting facts about the PLANTATION HOUSE:

The old Plantation House in La Passe on Silhouette is a building of great dignity and grace, typical of the Creole architectural style, which always provides for a spacious veranda leading around the whole building and a staircase on each side providing more than one entrance or exit.

The Plantation House on Silhouette was probably built around 1861 as a private house for Henri Dauban built, who as owner of the Island employed 250 workers on its 2,000-acre property. At that time, copra, along with cinnamon oil, vanilla and Hawksbill turtle shell, was the main source of income for the Seychelles.


This pretty wooden house is located on Silhouette Island, about 40 minutes by ferry from Mahé (Labriz Jetty Bel Ombre). A day trip can be organised through the Hilton Labriz Hotel for about €100 per person including ferry and lunch.

The Gran Kaz is located directly opposite the harbour of La Passe

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