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Press release 06.01.2022


Karl Schnürch

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Karl Schnürch

Own research


The website about the Seychelles has been around for about 15 years. In 2007, when I was in the Seychelles for the first time, I wanted to write down my thoughts, my memories and experiences and started with a little Blog.

However, the project grew quickly, very quickly, because there was a lot to report.

From the beginning, the website was and is privately financed by myself. I also bought the domain at a very high price and paid for it myself.
The website is still great fun, but it also overtaxes me as a lone fighter and one-man-show. The size that the site has now reached, with around 10,000 monthly visitors, is enormous. At peak times, when there are reports about the Seychelles on TV or through other activities, as well as in the press, this has also led to significantly more visitors, in some cases tripled.

The potential is there, but my possibilities are exhausted

At the moment, has 1,561 posts and 156 pages. Of which around 600 Hotels and guesthouse performances, all BeachesAll the islands, most of the sights, a lot of history and everyday life from the Seychelles and around 5000 of your own pictures, as well as much, much more. The whole thing multiplied in 11 languages.

Buyer for

I would hate to sell the website and everything around it, it's my baby - but at some point a baby has to walk on its own, stand on its own / other feet. Therefore, a sale would be my first priority.

Investors for

The second option would be to find an investor who might not only bring money, but also his own ideas, thoughts and motivation about expansion, as well as a better marketing opportunity.

Donations for

There would be another alternative, the form of donations. I am aware that many travellers or people interested in the Seychelles have found a lot of ideas, information and enthusiasm here. If all the satisfied ones would donate something small, we could consider building up a small team to maintain, expand and improve the content.

Here is a PayPal donation link:

So, trust me write - Whether you are interested in buying, thinking about investing or simply donating a few euros. I am pleased about every interest and say many, many thanks already now.

Your Karl from the Seychelles Palm tree

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