Wissenswertes über die ST. PAULS CATHEDRAL:

The prominent landmark, St. Paul's Cathedral, is the cathedral of the diocese and the Anglican parish church of Victoria, Mahé.

The original church was once consecrated to the apostle St. Paul and stood on the site of the present church. It was blessed on 14 May 1859 by Vincent William Ryan, the first bishop of Mauritius. Over the years, the building has been extended twice ' 1910 with a new tower and 1978 with an offset altar.

In December 1920, St Paul's became a pro-cathedral, where the bishop had his second bishop's see ('cathedra'), and the name of the diocese changed from Mauritius to the Diocese of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Due to a constant lack of space and difficult and costly maintenance, it was decided in 2001 to completely renew the structure. The cathedral, which was then blessed on 25 April 2004, was financed with generous donations from the government and private individuals and now offers double capacity for 800 people.


St Paul's Cathedral is located within walking distance of the Clocktower on Albert Street.
Parking is available at the Stadium Car Park on Francis Rachel Street, for example.

Opening hours: Daily 6.00-18.00

Measuring times:
Exhibitions are held daily at the following times:

Monday: 12.15 pm
Tuesday: 06.30 a.m.
Wednesday: 09.00 o'clock
Thursday: 06.30, 12.00 and 13.00 hrs
Friday: 12.15 pm
Saturday: 16.30 hours
Sunday: 07.00 and 09.00 o'clock

Monday: 12.15 Mid day Eucharist
Tuesday: 12.00 Praise & Worship
Wednesday: 09.00 Holy Eucharist/ La Sainte Comm. (in alternation)
Thursday: 12.00 Praise & Worship / Deliverance Service
Friday: 12.15 Litany English/Kreole (in change)
Saturday: 16.30 Holy Eucharist
Sunday: 07.00 La Sante Communion
09.00 Holy Eucharist
11.00 Praise & Worship / Eucharist

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