Things to know about SILHOUETTE NATIONAL PARK:

The Silhouette national park was published on 7 August 2010 by President James Michel, opening.

Silhouette Island is the third largest island in the inner granite island group of the Seychelles archipelago, and the government has declared 93 per cent of it a nature reserve.

The island of Silhouette is known for its impressive mountain peaks, Mont Dauban (740 m), Mont-Pot-a-Eau (621 m), Gratte Fesse (515 m), Mont Corgat (502 m), Mont Cocos Marrons (500 m), and for being one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the Western Indian Ocean. It is home to many endemic and endangered plant and animal species and has large areas of primeval forest, tropical rainforest and also breathtaking viewpoints. It is also home to the little known Silhouette Pocket Bats.

The Silhouette National Park explanation reflects the importance of the survival of this area and its endangered species.

Silhouette can be explored via a network of hiking trails.

  1. Nelsia Malbrook Trail between La Passe and Anse Mondon (also known as Anse Mondon Trail)
  2. Anse Lascar Trail between La Passe and Anse Lascar. You can also reach Anse Cimitiere this way
  3. Grand Barbe Trail between La Passe and Grand Barbe.

The Hilton Labriz Hotel strongly advises against entering the national park without a guide and points out that any entry without a guide is at your own risk.
The routes are not clearly marked and can be slippery. Furthermore, there is mostly no mobile phone reception. Costs for rescue operations are at your own expense. Palm tree

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