VALLÉE DE MAI (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Things to know about the VALLÉE DE MAI:

The second UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Seychelles is the legendary Vallée de Mai, managed by the Seychelles Islands Foundation. In the past, people believed to have found the real Garden of Eden in this remarkable valley. The intoxicatingly beautiful, primeval forest is home to some 6,000 coco-de-mer palms, which are among the botanical wonders of the world.

The Maital, as it is translated into German, is located in the heart of Praslin - the second largest Seychelles island.

The 19.5ha park has been a World Heritage Site since 1983.
Here you will find many endemic plants such as the famous Coco de Mer.
There are several myths surrounding these palm trees. The trees are originally found on only 2 islands of the Seychelles - namely on Praslin and on Curieuse, whereby the density is greatest in the park.
The Coco de Mer are separate-sex and the female palms produce the largest and heaviest seed in the world.
With a bit of luck, you can also spot the rare "Kato Noir" - the black Seychelles parrot that only exists on the island of Praslin.
In the Vallée de Mai there are several trails that can be combined with each other. At the cash desk you will receive a brochure describing the trails as well as the flora and fauna.

The valley boasts six endemic palm species and many other indigenous trees, and is also the last remaining habitat for the endangered Black Parrot.

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 09-16.00 (last entry at 15.00)
Free guided tour: daily at 09.00 and 14.00 hrs.
Closed: 25.12 and 01.01

Admission price:
350 SCR per person (Euro, US Dollars and pounds are also accepted). Payable in cash or with major credit cards

From the port on Praslin to the right direction north.
In the village "Baie Ste Anne" turn left at the ABSA bank and drive up the hill to the highest point, there you will find the car park directly opposite the Vallée de Mai entrance.

Route 61 and 62. direction Mont Plaisir or Anse Kerlan - via Vallée de Mai

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