New opening of the coffee shop No1 Baie Ste Anne on Praslin

New opening of the Coffee-Shop No1 in Baie Ste Anne on Praslin

Press release from 27.10.2017

The Seychellois couple Peter and Shirley recently opened the "No1 Baie Ste Anne" -café in the Old School Building in Baie Ste Anne, Praslin. It is a trendy, upscale coffee shop with something for everyone, including English breakfast, soft ice cream and slush, which is very popular with the kids.


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The owners describe the décor as British urban chic. We used light wood, glass, chrome, chrome, red brick and plant walls and predominantly black colours inside to give the place a light industrial flair," the couple says.

Peter and Shirley talk about their food and drink menu and say that they want to keep it relatively simple, like a traditional coffee house with a few local delicacies. They explain that "the most important ingredient of any coffeehouse is coffee, and that's why we like to think that we have chosen a renowned and high-quality brand, Nespresso". The outlet also offers a range of other coffees, iced coffee, vegetable dairy products as a non-dairy equivalent and the possibility of adding various syrups to your coffee.

A selection of other drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes and ice citronelle is also available.
Every day we have a fresh juice of the day and papaya seems to be a favourite. Shirley has also introduced a detoxification water consisting of lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint. The local ladies love it," says Peter.
For dinner, the café typically serves sandwiches, paninis, burgers and cakes. For the health-conscious market there are also salads such as quinoa and bulgur wheat, as well as the more traditional salads such as tuna niçoise, chicken and the local favourite, smoked fish and mango. For those with a sweet tooth, No1 Baie Ste Anne offers a selection of local specialties such as Lapatsek ", Mafelisi" and coconut cake, but also shortbreads, brownies and flapjacks.

When asked what inspired her to open a café, Peter says that "much of the inspiration behind it is that my mother, Jenny Pomeroy, owns a well-known bakery called 'Jenny's Bakery' which she has run for over 30 years. The bakery is in the same premises as the café and before that she had a small and simple pastry shop in the same complex where she would sell her products. The pastry shop was already well known and well attended, but it was far from being a coffee house. My wife and I decided that we would go a step further and do it on a much larger scale, now that my mother was retiring or so I hope!

The couple adds that they have always wanted to introduce a café culture on Praslin, as there are almost no cafés.
We currently spend half our time in the UK where our children are taught and my wife enjoys her coffee morning in the cafes of our city and it has always been a dream of hers to open a coffee and bring some of that atmosphere to our islands. We wanted a quality café that was a true example of what a European-style coffee house looks like," explains Peter.

When asked about the name of the café, Peter replies that this is based on the firm belief that he must be number one in everything he does.

It doesn't always happen, but I will always try. My mother always taught me that we do good and do everything or nothing! I figured if we carry that name and use it in everything we do, we just can't be number two! From customer service to production to the colleague who chooses the lettuce leaves for the sandwiches, she always has to think: Is this really top quality, is this number 1, am I doing my best? It's a lot to do, but it should put us at the top.

Interested fans will find No1 Baie Ste Anne on Facebook and this will eventually link to Instagram where they promote most of their products. Peter and Shirley mention that they "can also be found on Tripadvisor. So far we have received amazingly positive feedback from all our customers. Everyone says it's high time someone did something like this for Baie Ste Anne. We're planning some of these cafes around the islands, so keep an eye out for a number one in your area!" Palm tree

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